Everyone must pre-register and pay upon signing up for all classes. Please stop in the store or call to pay with a credit card to sign up.

November 10th

AZ & FL Multi State Pistol Permit Class

This class covers AZ & FL carry permit training certification. Multiple States recognize AZ & FL carry permit. Reciprocity reflects a NYS Pistol Permit holder with a valid FL non-resident carry permit. Florida mandated live-fire done on-site.

  • $60.00 class fee covers AZ & FL mandated classroom training, live fire & certificate of completion.
  • Everyone must pre-register at Johnson’s. Please stop in or call with a credit card to prepay.

Please bring to class:

  1. One box of .22 Lr ammo, eye & ear protection,
  2. NYS Driver’s License,
  3. Two pens with black ink & a notebook.
  4. Optional but Recommended: $30.00 cash for fingerprinting done by a police officer on-site. ($15.00 for each state)

Note: Fingerprint cards will be provided in class at no charge.

· Class covers all FL & AZ required training, both classroom and range live-fire.

* A certificate of completion will be issued on site.

* Application process for the FL & AZ carry permit will be discussed in class.

· There is separate licensing fees you must pay directly to FL for $97.00 and AZ for $60.00


Lockport Conservation Club 4112 Lake Ave Lockport, NY 14094

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